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Fully automatic crimping cables machine ACM-10T

Fully automatic crimping cables machine ACM-10T also named automatic crimping cables equipment, automatic crimping cables  device, automatic crimping cables machinery.


The equipment adopts imported parts, cut wire, strip & tin end, crimp terminal automatically.

Act precise, operation simple, performance stable, save labor cost.

Using rotational knob to adjust cutter depth and roller distance, which is easy and fast

Stripping length is controlled by screen operation.

Functioncutting wire, single end stripping, both ends stripping, one end crimping, one end twisting
Wire sizeAWG#30-AWG#18
cutting length40 mm--9999 mm( replacing some optional parts the shortest cutting length can be changed to 25 mm)
Cutting Tolerance:1 mm±L *0.2%
Stripping length01 mm--10 mm
Press Capacity2000 kg
Twisting lengthAWG#28—AWG#184 mm--8 mm
Air pressure6--65 kg(must use clean & dry air)
Testing devicesTesting wire exists or not,cirmping well or not
Weight:165 kg